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Измерение антенного тока
« : 23 Октябрь 2018, 14:38:14 »
В РСГБ проходит тема, не знаю, насколько она будет нам полезна, но все же решил запиcать у нас тут.

Стефан DK7FC предлагал использовать катушку Роговского для измерния антенного тока, насколько я понял, она вообще для другого предназначена.
Попутно, ему выдали пару ссылок и советов.
Возможно, пригодится кому-то из нас тут.

LF: Rogowski-coils for RF measurements

Hi all,

Has someone ever build (homemade, not bought!) a Rogowski-coil for RF
current measurements?

It could be used to measure leakage currents in a tower near the antenna
wire for example. Or for measuring RF currents into a pole of a guide
rail, for example :-)

I'm planning to build one and i thought i use 0.4 mm diameter enameled
cu wire arround a graden hose, having 0.6m circumference. Then some
shrinking tube will be applied. That's the plan.

The circuit looks easy, it should be run from a 9V battery and a simple
TL081 for example. The output could be adapted to a multimeter, so there
is a digital read-out.

I'm curious to see how it works...

73, Stefan



   See John Andrew's web page :

73 Warren


Hello Stephane!

Maybe this could help you:


(Limited to ~300 KHz)

73: Jeff F6CWN


Stephan and all,


You might be interested in the following, although not Rogowski type,

a cut toroidal core, clamp-type, current transformer + rectifier.

You need a high-impedance voltmeter. A normal handy one will do.

You obtain absolute values, accuracy +-20% (or better).


I developed the HF version in circa 2002, and the LF version in 2011.

Distributed as kit and finished version, sold about 4000.


Fun to observe RF currents on coax-shield, rotator-cable, AC-cables,

VHF coax while transmitting at HF, LF...,

Probably too small to measure towers: inner-diameter is about 22mm.


websites in Japanese, sorry, but see the pictures.




1.8-54MHz, 10mA-300mA, (accuracy +-20%)

10:1  (1000mV is 100mA)




135kHz-4MHz, 0.05-2A, (accuracy +-20% )

1:1  (1V is 1A)


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Re: Измерение антенного тока
« Ответ #1 : 24 Октябрь 2018, 23:19:23 »
Some first measurements:
Diameter: 0.3 m.
R (DC): 17 Ohm.
Inductivity (measured at ~ 1 kHz): 1.62 mH
Self resonance: 734 kHz