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RA4B достиг Австралии

Hi Sergey,

looking at your screenshots, you seem to be struggling with a lot of local interference. I have wondered about the absence of 6.25 Hz Chayka lines, specifically 137775.0 Hz and 137781.25 Hz. Your closest station (Petrozavodsk) is only 270 km from Petersburg and ~ 240 km from Gruzino, so the lines should be visible strongly during day and night. Perhaps the noise blanker is over-active and cutting out the Loran pulses? You could also try to tune to 100 kHz and listen to the 1 kHz "dit dit dit" with AM demodulation.

73, Markus

Hi Sergey,  sorry I am a bit sceptical about this detection, because RN3AUS is normally transmitting Op32 on 137533 Hz. 73, Markus

RA4B was received also at DL0AO in daylight.

HGA22 is off air today.

73, Markus

Beautiful signal, Alex!  73, Markus

but you can see DL7NN?

Hi Sergey, I think that DL7NN is indeed visible on the RN3AUS grabber, at the bottom of the "qrss-3" window, and only when the timing is right.
73, Markus (DF6NM)

signal at 137550
G4SDG in FW5 (FST4W-300) mode.
73, Markus

Oh! So if you know where the light sensor is mounted, you could temporarily illuminate it with a LED, and switch off the QRM for a while ;-)

73, Markus

Finally in Hell ;-)  73, Markus

Thanks Alex! I also tried DFCW (which worked fairly well), and Hell (which looked a bit too weak). At what time will the street lights be switched on?

73, Markus

For some reason, spots do not reach the site spots.microwavers.es
The connection from the Ros-Opera network to microwavers.es seems to be broken (again). Recently only spots from DL0AO have appeared. There we use the same upload method as RN3AUS and IZ7SLZ.

73, Markus

Getting even better at 00:25 UT, with UI4A readable, and RN3AUS also twice on opds:
2024-02-23 00:23:37 RN3AUS  1790km 137533.044Hz   2mHz -47.8dBOp  83% 17.7dB
2024-02-22 23:23:37 RN3AUS  1790km 137533.047Hz   2mHz -41.6dBOp  93% 20.7dB

73, Markus

Strong Hell signal from R2BAS, DFCW from RN3AUS, and another trace on 137776.5 Hz.

73, Markus

Not a complete QSO yet. I saw the nice DFCW transmission from Bernd and decided to answer his greeting. We have both experimented with direct LF-signal generation from a CX31993 soundcard with 384 ks/s DAC, and used less than 1 mW radiated power.

73, Markus

  Не выходил я в эфир. Нет у меня передатчика. Не сделал ещё.

The UB1APE opds detection was a false one, triggered by one of the "little Chayka lines". These are spaced at 6.25 Hz/16 = 0.0390625 Hz around odd-numbered 6.25 Hz multiples, and are caused by a repeating data pattern in the 9th Chayka pulse. At the time propagation from Slonim (Belarus) was relatively good, and some of the "little lines" could even be found in our TA grabber slot.

73, Markus

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